The team at WARGROVE is comprised of dedicated professionals from a wide range of backgrounds in military, law enforcement, corporate and contracting. All the instructors have real world experience and solutions gained from international and domestic work experience. Instructors are also NRA certified instructors and have a true passion for teaching. 


I am a grad student and wanted to learn handgun training in case I ever needed to use a gun in self-dense. I had WARGROVE training during the summer, the atmosphere was great, I always looked forward to what the next training session would bring! Learned necessary basic protection skills. Samantha J.  

Fun, informative class. Highly recommend for real life situations. Brent was extremely patient as I had no handgun training and now feel very confident in my abilities - Alex C. 

Brent is a great instructor. Always punctual, prepared and positive.  Impressive amount of classroom materials to work with. I fee this is the easiest way to learn how to deal with any gun defense situations. Rachael F. 



To give our students the knowledge and skills required to defend yourself and protect your family in a critical encounter. 

 Our main goal is to equip you with the knowledge, skill and confidence to WIN!

Provide proven protective products!

My instructor Brent was very patient and professional with a calm demeanor. Classes varied with simulated real-life situations, keeping lessons very interesting. Nanette D. 

Preparedness & Tactical Skills Training



Committed to providing the student a foundation of safety, skills, and defensive methods that work.

It comes down to the fundamentals of shooting, combative mindset, knowledge of laws, and a foundation of safety.  


I am middle aged female. Went thru standard concealed weapons class in the past. WARGROVE classes far surpassed pass training  and kept me interested, involved and I feel that I learned more. I am confident I can respond quickly and properly if needed.  Denise C